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Don’t Give Up Just Yet! Mifzal Salihin

Don’t Give Up Just Yet!

Remember how you felt when you joined “Sekolah Menengah”.
The excitement of moving a level up in your studies was overwhelming.
Your dream of becoming that great person sounded real, and somehow, you knew hard work would get you there…!

All A’s All the time became your motto, and filled with so much hope, your family assured you their support!

You started burning the midnight oil, reading voluminous books, and consulting classmates just to maintain high scores!

Like every student out to make their parents proud, you made every sacrifice.
Cut your hours of play, joined useful group discussions, read books during your free time…..and did everything you could to get the A’s.
And yes, things began to look good, but the results weren’t satisfying!

A little more needs to be done to get better scores….and not just digging dip into the books, but finding help from the right person!

When it comes to learning, people have different abilities, and what works for someone else may not necessarily work for you!Borrowing ideas from well-performing students may not yield much fruit…..not even the study tricks the top student in class just unleashed.

We are unique in the way we grasp concepts.
That’s why you need to connect with someone who understands your weak points and hang on until you pick up!

No need to cling on those study tricks from the blues….a tutor can help you achieve greater miles!

If you’re still not getting the grades you desire despite working hard, don’t beat yourself!
It’s not the end of the road.
Some of the A students in your class may not be that brilliant.
The difference is that they’ve discovered a secret to scoring high without straining.

Sometimes the secret to improving your performance doesn’t lie in the books.

You’ll be surprised to find out that the high-performing students in your class don’t read as much as you do.
In fact, they spare enough time to play and rest!

Not because they’ve got supernatural brains, but they discovered the benefits of working with someone who’s excelled in the subjects….a TUTOR!

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